I Am A Conservative Woman

November 1, 2009 at 2:06 pm (Uncategorized)

I am a conservative woman and I’ve successfully imparted my conservative values to my children.

That said, I think it was extremely short-sighted of me not to realize when my children were small, learning how to swim with the other fish, they would find themselves more typically swimming among the sharks.

In my experience, democrats/liberals who happen to be black are those very sharks, many of them angry at America in general, and insatiable in their desire for retroactive racial justice. Their offspring are my children’s peers.

Of course, there are exceptions to these offspring, but they are few and far apart. In fact they, along with the normal, loving conservative children are scattered in isolation across the country.

The majority of the black offspring that my children have to deal with belong to the 96 percent sect of blacks that voted for Obama. That’s right: that blows chunks and sucks cow dung big time.

I have been married for six years, but I was a divorced single parent before that for eleven years. I learned, during those single parent years, that raising a child as a single parent is the most unnatural thing a child can experience. A child raised in a two-parent home is more grounded emotionally than a child raised in a single parent home.

Among black families, single parent households out-number married-parents households by more than 90 percent. That translates to bad news socially for my children.

THAT is what many in the black community DO NOT want to talk about. Because to talk about it, is to acknowledge the crack in the glass that will spider-web out to ALL the other issues that are methodically eroding the black community.

To talk about it, forces every black person, myself included, to acknowledge what role each of us plays or has played in the community’s continuing implosion, like a never-ending train-wreck.

In the meantime, though I love my children dearly, I confess, I regret that I ever brought them into this mess. This mess of LYING ADULTS that bicker amongst themselves and REFUSE to acknowledge their FLAWS.

Because if we can’t be TRUTHFUL with each other about what ails us, how are we ever going to FIX ourselves and ADVANCE towards a more improved future for our country? If we DO NOT all love our country, some of us even hating America, how will we defend ourselves against the terrorists prowling among and around us?
Thank You.   Wakeisha


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  1. Kate Sanzibar said,

    Amen Sister!

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