November 12, 2009 at 6:57 pm (Uncategorized)

When we are told trees have the right to sue people in court, children aren’t human beings until they go to school and are taught social skill, and rats have the rights to sue people in court if they are remove or killed, then John Holdren is the next nut. It’s important to remember it’s President Obama who picks these nuts. President Obama is not picking these people because they are qualified. He’s picking them because of their beliefs.

Just get rid of ALL of ’em! We don’t need no stinking czars!

There are cabinet positions for the important stuff and to hell with the rest. We’ve done fairly well as a country for hundreds of years withOUT czars. Why start now…?

The appointment of czars is another ploy by Obama to circumvent the Constitution. Little by little he will continue to diminish the Constitution until he says ” we do not it any longer because I am Obama”.
Obama has very little experience in doing anything and this lack of experience will cause us great harm unless we continue to expose his tactics and appointments.
Glenn Beck has a synopsis of each czar on his website. Beck is the only commentator to search out the czars, why the MSM has ignored these frauds only make me despise them more.


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