Eric Holder and His Boss Are Bringing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo Bay prisoners to Manhattan trial

November 15, 2009 at 5:49 pm (Uncategorized)

These people that they are bringing to New York to stand trial should be electrocuted. There is no doubt that if the defendants had a pistol they would aim it at the judge and jury. That insight alone should be enough to prove their guilt. The execution should be done on prime time. All five should be strapped together when the switch is pulled.
This administration just continues to show it’s well as their questionable belief in America….
this action makes no logical sense for numerous reasons..but beyond the obvious there are some points that should have stopped this action from being seriously considered…
– 9/11 was an act of war.
– the accused is NOT an American citizen thus has no right to be treated as one…he was a prisoner of war!
– as his arrest was under the military, as an act of war..and whether or not the idiots in DC now require such people to be read our US citizen rights..their certainly weren’t back then thus if this was a real honest US criminal trial, the accused already has the ability to have the case/charges thrown out and he walk..
– as was already proven the first time such a trial was held..the worldwide televised evidence, testimony of what and how we knew the accused guilty, has since been confirmed to then have been used by terrorists to plan 9/11..but despite that these idiots want to repeat broadcasting such to the world..once again putting Americans at risk…this aspect particularly missing from the Politico article both surprised and disgusts me it wasn’t talked about..
..the people not understanding these points, seriously need to educate themselves before simply following the liberal abuse of our constitution and laws….



  1. Angel said,

    good on u !..Thank u so much for your vis and comment at WHT..please do come by often and keep up your fight!:)

  2. RightKlik said,

    This is going to backfire on Obama. This will finally show what an idiot Obama is. It will be a never ending media circus. The MSM will try to cover for Obama, but Main Street America won’t be fooled.

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