Keep challenging Obama’s policies!

January 24, 2010 at 6:33 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s not just Democrats who have much to learn from Brown’s victory.  Republicans can also take a lesson from his campaign.  If they wish to regain and retain the majority , they need to focus on that aspects of our platform which appeal to a broader segment of the population.  They did that in 1994 by drawing up the Contract with America which included those core conservative concerns which most resonated with independent voters.

After a year Obama still has not yet figured out that his promiscuous talk of higher income, payroll, health care, and inheritance taxes, serial demonization of finance and business, and all sorts of new regulations, create a psychological climate in which the employer pulls in his horns and decides to ride things out — and this individual reaction is being repeated millions of times over, energized by the pique at everything trivial from Van Jones to apologies abroad to “Bush did it.”

He’s an abominable wreck who makes even a gaffe-riddled Biden look somewhat sane/respectable (impossible until BHO). It’s with little surprise his popularity is evaporating in the unimagined real world. His ideas and methods are hostile, his management incompetent and his alienation of the polity is nothing short of contemptuous. He must be voted out before he takes us all and our nation to hell in a hand-basket with him. Jimmah was bad for our country and he’s still a thorn, but Obama’s malevolence is proving limitless and in so many ways.  The stock market was ready to take off now that Brown won, but Obama’s anti-business announcement of new banking regulations spoiled the moment. His timing was calculated to prevent a market increase .. It seems that he loves to put his foot into the recovery, don’t he!

Keep challenging Obama’s policies and proposals, item by item. Sniff them out. Most will be overtly or covertly collectivist and statist. Support them only if they pass the sniff test. “Give them nothing. Take from them everything.” With a bit of luck we can make Obama a lame duck halfway through his first term.



  1. Teresa said,

    Great Post!! It is clear that Obama is a radical who wants to “remake” America in an extremely bad way, while shredding our Constitution and citizens rights in the process. Plus, Obama’s words are cheap. For the most part he does the opposite of what he speaks. He is the master of deception. I do think that Republicans can learn from this, while holding onto their principles at the same time. I think NJ, VA, and MA are all examples of the GOP doing just that. Now, we need to start the process of finding a good GOP presidential candidate for 2012.

  2. boudicabpi said,

    Democrats need to wake up and serve the American people. Republicans can not stay their prior course believing any of the recent wins is an endorsement of what they have become. They likewise must get back to what the American people want and as of now neither party really gets it.
    Bob A.

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