Is our country being run by nothing but a bunch of overgrown adolescents?

February 11, 2010 at 8:16 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ll say one thing for White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs: The creeps  got chutzpah. Too bad he’s so dumb. Gibbs took a moment from his Tuesday press briefing to mock Sarah Palin for delivering a speech at last weekend’s Tea Party convention in Nashville — with notes (“Energy,” “Tax cuts,” etc.) scribbled on her hand. Gibbs stood at the podium and showed his press audience that he had jotted down “Eggs,” “Milk,” “Hope”

What a c heap  5th grade stunt. So much for the decorum of the Executive Branch. Not only was it a juvenile, but the guy giggled like a little girl at his own joke.
What a doofus!
Well I guess, he doesn’t have too much to work with. If it weren’t for politics, the pinnacle of his career aspirations would be to manage a Burger King.



  1. boudicabpi said,

    Hi, Bob A. here.
    Welcome aboard. I got your link over at Bare Naked Islam’s site and decided to pay a visit. I am going to hit some more of your posts. Just a question, wouldn’t Gibbs make a better Ronald MacDonald, Jack InThe Box type character than a Burger King manager?

  2. Lisa said,

    Can you imagine Tony Snow or Dana Perrino doing something like that?
    And the Press corp laughs at this immature diisplay?

    Here’ something else out Narcisist in chief got a lagh out of:

  3. Milton said,

    I guess Palin does not understand satire and she complains about telaprompters, but does this hand jive, what a hypocrite. I have not seen this since junior high. She is so perfect for “Fake News”, so much for being a private citizen. I guess Palin failed to watch President Obama answer questions at the GOP retreat in Baltimore, no teleprompters or crib notes on the hand. But I guess those facts would only blow her poor little Beauty Queen from smallville mind, who could not finish her highest office that she ever held, quit making excuses for her! WOW and some call her a leader…….please.

  4. wyattearp said,

    dear MILTON
    Sarah PALIN is a strong AMERICAN WOMAN, you folks can run her down all all you want. We patriots dont mind. Its great watching ROBERT “GOEBELs ” GIBBS make fun of her hand notes.BULLSHIT BOB is about the only OBAMA administration official who knows what he is doing. A GREAT LIAR & COURT JESTER.


  5. Lisa said,

    I love how Palin gets the left all in a tizzy. They fall all over themselves trying to diss her. Makes for good comedy.

  6. z said,

    Hi, I saw your comment at Joe’s blog and had to come visit!
    What got me about this Gibbs performance is we have a president who can’t take his eyes from teleprompters and his people have the nerve to slam a woman who gave a 45 minute speech with only outlined notes in front of her!!

    • blackrepublicanwomenunite said,

      Thanks so much “Z” for both your visit and your message.
      You are right on target and of course I agree with you.

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